West Virginia Drug Rehab Treatment Centers And There Different Types

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West Virginia is a very rural state. The capital is Charleston, which is also West Virginia’s largest city. Despite being a small and not very populous state, it knows its fair share of drug problems. Methamphetamine is a particularly big problem. West Virginia is also a state where marijuana is cultivated very often. There are also many people who have addictions to prescription drugs. Crack cocaine presents the biggest problem. It also seems that this drug is mainly used by those of low or middle-low incomes, but it crosses all the ethnic boundaries. Heroin, luckily, is less readily available and does not present a very big problem. Generally, heroin is imported through Baltimore or Philadelphia. There has been a 300% increase in the number of meth labs, which is a very worrying trend. There are many different West Virginia drug rehab centers available. Let’s take a look at what sort of centers you can come across.

Outpatient and Residential West Virginia Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

Residential and outpatient treatment centers are the most commonly found centers. These types of West Virginia drug rehab centers usually focus both on drugs and on alcohol abuse. There is a difference between the two. With a residential treatment center, you are boarded at the center for the duration of your rehab session. This means you are provided with a place to live that is safe and secure. You are protected from the outside world and the temptations you have had to face. The full focus here is on recovering from your addiction and getting ready to reintegrate in society.

An outpatient center, on the other hand, is where you will go at set points during the day, before returning home after treatment. These types of treatment centers are more suitable for people who are in employment or school. Specialists at these types of West Virginia drug rehab centers believe that people who still have social responsibilities to attend to, including work and education, are not at the point yet where residential treatment is the only option left to them. Generally, if this is the type of treatment that is suitable to you, you haven’t become completely entwined in the vicious cycle of substance abuse yet. However, you must be incredibly strong and determined to complete this type of treatment.

Holistic West Virginia Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

Holistic treatment centers are some of the fastest growing types of centers in the world. With holistic care, you will learn to enrich your mind, your body and your soul. Here, a West Virginia drug rehab center will offer you alternative therapies, including meditation, yoga and other practices. The goal of this type of treatment is to get stronger from the inside as well as the outside. Once this has been achieved, more traditional types of treatment are offered. It is believed that working this way greatly reduces the chances of relapsing, because the person starts from the perspective of believing in themselves and valuing their bodies and mind.

Luxury West Virginia Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

We are continuously bombarded with news items about celebrities and the rich and famous who need drug or alcohol treatment. Names such as Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and many others are often used in conjunction with drug rehab centers. These people tend to attend luxury West Virginia drug rehab centers. Now, that is not to say that only celebrities go to these centers. Anyone – with the right amount of money – is able to book into these centers. Generally, at these centers, you will live as if you are in a four or five start hotel resort. The cuisine will be gourmet style, cooked by a well trained in house chef. The location is usually breathtaking, with fantastic nature surrounding the complex. The treatment here is perfect for people who need to remain in privacy and have the means to be comfortable while they focus on getting better.

Teen and Adolescent West Virginia Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

Unfortunately, more and more teenagers and adolescents are coping with drug and alcohol addictions. The worry here is that their entire future really is at stake. These young people need to be helped to break the terrible cycle of addiction. The goal of the treatment center here is to help teenagers get their lives back on track. This requires specialist treatment and specialist knowledge. The emphasis here is generally on the entire family. Issues that are impacting the life of the teen are identified and dealt with. Very often, these treatment centers allow educational activities, so a young person does not have to lose out on their education. The focus is very much on allowing teens to be teens again and to be able to reintegrate with their peers once they return to the real world. They will be taught coping mechanisms and any issues they are dealing with that have led to them abusing drugs or alcohol are identified and resolved.

Women’s West Virginia Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

Lastly, there are some treatment centers that are gender specific. There are a number of men only centers, but the focus at present is more on centers for women because they often turn to drugs and alcohol as a response to abusive males in their lives, and hence need a center away from these types of influences. Very often, women needing drug or alcohol treatment are those from abusive relationships or prostitution – forced or voluntary. The focus in these centers is on allowing the woman to heal both physically and mentally. She will be taught how to rebuild her life in a positive manner, meaning she will eventually become a contributing member of society and her family. Very often, these women have children with whom the Child Protective Unit has had to become involved. Being able to work with a treatment center often allows the women to once again become mothers. At these centers, core issues in a woman’s life are addressed, including self esteem, negative self image and co-dependency issues.

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