Utah Drug Rehab Centers And Their Different Types

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Utah is a state in the western part of our country. It is not very large and not very densely populated. Utah is known as “bible bashing country” because it is one of the most religious states in the country. However, as religious and pious as people in Utah may be, the state still knows its fair share of problems. A number of Utah drug rehab clinics have started in recent years, which indicates an inherent drug problem. Before we take a look at the different types of Utah drug rehab clinics, let’s take a look at the statistics on drug abuse in the state. It is always useful to have a baseline of information on what the problem actually is.

Utah Drug Statistics

In Utah, we see the same drug problems as anywhere else in the country. Club drugs are particularly problematic, but there are also increasing numbers of meth labs in the state. It is a main focus in law enforcement. Other commonly abused drugs include heroin, cocaine and marijuana. Cocaine is starting to be particularly popular in the state,. However, crack seems to be most prevalent in the larger cities, avoiding the more urban areas. Heroin poses a very serious problem in the state. The majority is black tar heroin, but Mexican brown is also readily available. Meth poses the biggest drug threat in Utah. There has been a drop in the number over foiled meth labs, but there is a worry that this is simply because the dealers are becoming more cautious, since the number of users does not seem to drop. Utah drug rehab centers continue to report it as one of the most significant problems. There are numerous club drugs in circulation as well, the main ones being MDMA (XTC), GHB (the date rape drug), Ketamine (M-Kat, Miauw) and Oxycontin. XTC is the most widely used club drug and the biggest law enforcement focus after meth. Remote areas of Utah see large cultivation areas for marijuana. However, the vast majority of the plant comes from Mexico.

Different Types of Utah Drug Rehab Clinics

If you or a loved one has a drug addiction problem, it is vital to seek help as soon as possible. Utah drug rehab clinics come in many different types, to make it possible for anybody to get the help they need. Some of these are geared specifically at one gender, for instance. Others focus on younger people or on those with mental health issues. There are luxury Utah drug rehab clinics, that provide treatment for those people whose privacy must be maintained at all costs. There are also both residential centers and outpatient centers, to make it possible for people whose problem is such that they are still able to function in society. Let’s take a look at some of these clinics to understand the difference.

Luxury Utah Drug Rehab Clinics

Luxury centers are designed to make sure the patient is comfortable and relaxed. These centers are usually not covered by insurance providers, making them suitable only for people with sufficient money. These are the types of clinics that Charley Sheen and Lynsey Lohan would go to, for example. At a luxury Utah drug rehab clinic, patients feel as if they are in a 5 star hotel. The accommodation is incredibly plush and comfortable, the food is created by well trained chefs and privacy is maintained at all times. These clinics are often in rural areas, surrounded by beautiful nature and relaxing environments. The treatment received here, however, is exactly the same as anywhere else. The focus is almost solely on therapy and counseling.

Residential Utah Drug Rehab Clinics

At a residential center, a patient will be expect to live at the center until they are ready to return to society. Generally, a drug rehab clinic will aim to have this process completed within 30 days. Insurance companies often provide cover for this type of treatment, although people may have to cover the food and accommodation themselves. Just like at any other type of drug rehab clinic, the focus is on therapy. Addicts will receive individual or one-to-one therapy to discuss their individual problems, group therapy to discuss issues with people who are or were in the same situation, and family therapy to help rebuild a support network for once recovering addicts are ready to return to society. People who attend these centers often do so on a voluntary basis, referring themselves or being referred by their medical practitioner. However, it is also quite common for people to be court ordered to attend these clinics, having to choose between rehab and jail.

Outpatient Utah Drug Rehab Clinics

One other type of drug rehab clinic is the outpatient clinic. Here, addicts come – usually daily – for treatment and counseling, but they return home at the end of the day. This allows them to continue to meet their responsibilities at home and at work. The issue with this type of treatment is that it requires a great deal of self motivation. All types of drug rehab clinics will only provide treatment to people who are clean and have gone through detox. Staying clean after detox in a non-residential setting can be incredibly difficult, because the temptation is often too great. Non-residential drug rehab is generally only suitable for people who don’t really have a problem yet but who know their problem will spiral out of control unless they get help immediately. Outpatient services are usually offered in a drug rehab clinic, but also in hospitals and community centers. Generally, people refer themselves to these clinics, often after an intervention by their friends and family members. It is specifically designed for those people who have not quite spiraled into a world of despair and are still in a position to make a change. Just like with luxury and residential treatment, the focus is on counseling. However, with outpatient treatment centers, there is less of a focus on group therapy and a stronger focus on family therapy.

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  1. Jack Larson

    There are a lot of really good rehab centers in Utah. It is very important when choosing a rehab center that you are choosing one that is geared to your needs. There are so many different centers that offer or specialize in certain areas that you will want to get the best option for you. You shouldn’t let addiction control you. With so many resources and options available you really can take your life back.

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