Texas Drug Rehab Centers Are For Those Seeking A Luxury Rehab

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Texas is the second largest and second most populous state in the country. It lies in the south central part of our country and has an international border with Mexico. Houston is the largest city in the state, and Austin is its state capital. Texas, although initially based on agricultural economy, now has varied technologies and industries. Bordering Mexico and having such large urban areas, it will come as no surprise that it knows its fair share of problems in terms of substance abuse. This is further demonstrated in the number of Texas drug rehab clinics that can be found. Let’s take a moment to take a look at some drugs statistics for the state, to give a clearer picture of the particular challenges faced by this part of the country.

Texas Drug Statistics

Like any state, Texas is not free from drugs. The following statistics have been gather through law enforcement and various Texas drug rehab clinics. The primary drug of choice in Texas is alcohol. This is followed by crack, with the average user being 38 years old. Next is crystal meth, with the age of the average user being 31, followed by marijuana (average age 27) and heroin (average age 35). Texas drug rehab clinics explain that the border with Mexico accounts for the biggest part of the smuggling and transportation of drugs in the state. In fact, although the drug consumption problem is very big, the biggest problem is the transportation of illegal substances to other parts of the country. Cocaine, marijuana, heroin and meth are all transported through here. Crack cocaine is easy to get hold of in Texas, particularly in the larger cities. Texas drug rehab facilities report that heroin is mainly in the form of black tar and brown, both from Mexico. There is also an increase in heroin from Colombia and southwest Asia. Crystal meth is used throughout the state, even in the most rural areas. There are also many club drugs, which are mainly found in the larger cities. The club drugs of choice include LSD, GHB, XTC, Ketamine, PCP and Rohypnol.

Different Types of Texas Drug Rehab Facilities

There are many different types of drug rehabilitation facilities in Texas. Some of these are geared at a specific demographic, such as young people, women or people with mental health issues. All work in similar manners, meaning that the addict must first detox (by going cold turkey, using medical detox or through rapid detox), after which a period of intense counseling is design to help people stay off the drugs. Following treatment, recovering addicts are assisted in once again becoming productive members of the community, which is achieved through family counseling (building a strong support network) as well as providing support in terms of getting into employment or training and education. In Texas, there are also a number of luxury rehab facilities.

Luxury Texas Drug Rehab Clinics

A luxury drug rehab center focuses on providing holistic treatment for people who struggle with substance abuse in a private and relaxed setting. Often, only those over the age of 26 are able to attend these types of Texas drug rehab facilities. Treatment in these types of Texas drug rehab facilities is completely personalized. This means it looks at the mental, physical, family, spiritual and emotional needs of each individual addict. It is designed to help people to regain their lives after a struggle with alcohol or other substances. The treatment plans that are offered are completely personalized by gaining an understanding of the particular challenges that each patient deals with. Treatment is offered to patients addicted to all sorts of substances, from meth to benzodiapezine or from alcohol to opiate addictions. These Texas drug rehab facilities also offer medical detox, which is believed to be one of the most effective and safest way of coming off a certain substance. Luxury detox clinics also focus strongly on providing relaxing surroundings, often away from urban areas. You can expect to be surrounded by beautiful panoramic views and large gardens to enjoy.

Generally, a luxury Texas drug rehab centers also includes such things as an executive chef for a la carte dining, as well as a concierge service and spa treatments. Patients are offered the opportunity to express themselves through art, and they are also offered with alternative treatments, including fitness and acupuncture. The body, mind and spirit are all targeted and allowed to heal at these facilities. These treatment centers understand how difficult it is to beat the habit of substance abuse and they feel that the surroundings must be calming and relaxing in other to facilitate recovery. As such, a luxury Texas drug rehab center will offer spa services, where addicts can learn what it means to relax and how cleansing it can be to be completely calm. Spa treatment also assists in rejuvenating the blood, improve peace of mind and increase the health of muscle tissue. The concierge services on offer allow patients to have a number of activities organized for them, which is also very beneficial should they have visitors. Food and a healthy diet is at the building block of leading a healthy lifestyle, which is why luxury treatment centers always use executive chefs to prepare nutritious and delicious food. Presentation is equally important, as is the personal preferences of each of the patients. There will never be a cafeteria feel to dining in luxury drug rehabilitation centers.

Expressive arts are also offered. An addict may be able to express what goes on deep down inside of them through painting, drawing or other forms of expressive art, such as music or drama. For many, this is a strong process of healing. Acupuncture is a type of holistic treatment that is believed to be incredibly beneficial in substance abuse, particularly when combined with regular and intensive counseling. Withdrawal symptoms are greatly reduced and cravings can be kept at bay through acupuncture. Many of the luxury drug rehab facilities even offer a putting green for their patients.

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