Nevada Drug Rehab Clinics And All About Them

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Nevada is a state in the southwest of the country. It is one of the biggest states in the country, but one of the least populous and least densely populated. This is mainly due to the fact that quite a large part of Nevada is covered by desert. In fact, two thirds of Nevadans live in Clark County, home of Las Vegas. The capital of the state is Carson City. With an area like Nevada located in this state, it will come as no surprise that it knows its fair share of crime and problems. Drug and alcohol abuse is quite a significant problem in Nevada, a fact that is demonstrated by the number of Nevada drug rehab clinics. Before we will look at some of the options you have in terms of Nevada drug rehab clinics, let’s take a look at some statistics on drug and alcohol abuse in the state. This will give you a better overview of the particular problems Nevada faces.

Nevada Drug Statistics

A particular problem in Nevada is the number of meth labs. A huge number of meth labs was foiled in 2001 and the number has been on the decrease since then. However, there is a worry that criminals are simply getting better at hiding their criminal activities. This is further demonstrated by the fact that the number of drug arrests has continued to rise since 2001. Often, people arrested find themselves referred to a Nevada drug rehab clinic by court order. In terms of substance abuse, alcohol is the biggest problem, followed very closely by meth. The next drug of choice marijuana, followed by crack cocaine. Nevada drug rehab centers mainly see people between the ages of 26 and 45, although both younger and older also have problems. The vast majority of substance abusers are Caucasian, with the exception of crack cocaine, which is predominantly found in the African-American communities.

Types of Nevada Drug Rehab Clinics

There are a number of different types of clinics that people can go to if they have a problem. Firstly, there are those Nevada drug rehab clinics where people are referred to by court order. This is often as an alternative to jail. There are also clinics where people can refer themselves to. The levels of comfort in Nevada drug rehab clinics also vary. Some are very much like hospitals or community centers, but others are more like a five star hotel and focus mainly on keeping the identity of their patients private. Some clinics have a focus on people with mental health issues, which is often a reason for drug abuse. Other clinics look mainly at a specific demographic, like women or young people. All of these specifications are in place to make sure that anybody is able to receive the care that they need.

How to Choose the Right Nevada Drug Rehab Center for You

Choosing the right clinic is only an option is you are voluntarily admitting yourself. It is very common for people to be sent to drug rehab through a court order after committing a drug related crime. In these cases, you will be sent to a rehab center that has dealings with the criminal justice system. However, if you are referring yourself, perhaps through your family or through your family doctor, you do have quite a number of choices available to you. Your first point of contact should be your health insurance provider. Not all insurance companies offer cover for drug rehab and if they do, they will have some stipulations on which ones you can and can’t go to. Once you know what options are available to you, you can simply refer yourself to it and hope for a place.


One popular way of seeking help for a relative who has a drug problem is through a process called intervention. Intervention has been popularized through the media and people have images of rooms filled with angry relatives who point accusing fingers at the addict and everything is solved afterwards. This is not quite how it works, however. An intervention is highly organized, usually in conjunction with a professional from the Nevada drug rehab center. Interventions are not about pointing the finger and laying blame with the relative. It is confrontational, but it is about explaining that help is needed. After the intervention, an addict will go straight to the rehab clinic for treatment.

Treatment to Expect at a Nevada Drug Rehab Clinic

Regardless of the type of clinic you choose, the treatment itself will be similar. Drug rehabilitation is all based on counseling and cognitive behavior therapy. It is hoped that addicts are able to identify what triggers in their lives cause them to reach to drugs. By teaching addicts new ways of thinking, they should be able to protect themselves from further relapses. Addicts are also shown how their behavior affects their own health and their social relationships with loved ones. This is offered through therapy. Once an addict has detoxed – drug rehab treatment will not start until someone has detoxed, which is usually done with support from the drug rehab clinic – they are provided with three main types of counseling. First, there is the daily, one to one counseling, designed to help addicts understand and deal with their personal problems and issues. Next, there is group counseling, usually once a week, where addicts and recovering addicts can share stories and experiences. This is almost like a mentoring program and many recovering addicts continue to attend these sessions after they return to society and become mentors themselves. The last type of counseling is family therapy. Here, the relationships between the addict and their families are rebuilt. It is incredibly important for a recovering addict to have a strong support network behind them when they return to the community, so that they are less likely to slip back into previous behavior. Having a support network behind them that understands the particular problems and challenges of the recovering addict is absolutely vital.

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