Mississippi Drug Rehab Clinics Offering Therapy

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Mississippi is based in the south of the country. Its capital is Jasper, which is also its largest city. The Mississippi River runs across the state’s western border. Unfortunately, there is quite a serious drug and alcohol problem in Mississippi, which is why there are many Mississippi drug rehab centers in the state. The drug of choice seems to be alcohol, but a worrying number of people combine this with other drugs. After alcohol, the drug of choice is cocaine, which is most often smoked. Worryingly, around 1% of those admitted to drug rehab are only 12 years old, which is incredibly young. Interestingly, 10% of admissions to drug rehab centers are relating to heroin, which is not the most used drug in the state. Those admitted for heroin abuse are mainly between 21 and 25 years of age.

Mississippi Drug Counseling

Therapy and counseling are the heart of a treatment program for addiction to substances. A Mississippi drug rehab center will usually base its treatment program on various types of counseling. Counseling is all about understanding your own behavior, thereby empowering you to make positive changes in your way of thinking and in your behavior. Any Mississippi drug rehab program can tell you that addressing the core issues behind your addiction is essential in order to overcome it. Without this, there is no chance of making a real, positive and serious change in your life. Each different Mississippi drug rehab center will have their own style of counseling and each will offer specific types. Whether you have a drug or alcohol problem, every rehab program will include some type of counseling. Most will use several different types of counseling, each of which will be specifically designed to help you with different parts of your recover. Let’s take a look.

One to One Counseling at a Mississippi Drug Rehab Center

All drug rehab centers will use individual or one to one counseling. Here, you will be placed in a private center with a therapist from the Mississippi drug rehab center and you will discuss main issues in your life and addiction. Some of the goals that these sessions work towards include:

  • To find out exactly why you have developed an addiction.
  • To find out what triggers your behavior. What sort of stresses causes you to turn to drugs or alcohol?
  • To develop strategies that you can live in your day to day life and that will help you to remain sober.
  • To help you make positive choices and better decisions when it comes to drugs, alcohol and other substances.

Generally, these types of sessions will be held regularly. Sometimes, a Mississippi drug rehab center will hold them on a daily basis, at least in the early stages of treatment. However, it is rare for these sessions to be less than every other day, even just before you intend to return to the community. So long as you are in treatment, you will receive one to one counseling.

Group Counseling Sessions at a Mississippi Drug Rehab Center

Group counseling sessions are incredibly powerful for addicts on the road to recovery. What many people don’t realize, but a Mississippi drug rehab center does, is that being an addict is a very lonely experience. Very often, addicts keep their condition hidden and if they are found out, they are often ostracized by their family and friends. They plunge into a pit of despair where they can trust no one and grow increasingly isolated from society and other human beings. Group counseling sessions make it possible for substance abusers to talk about their issues with people who understand. The simple fact that you will be forced to be open with other people can be enough to lead to a complete breakthrough. Not just that, you will probably find that the members of your therapy group become your support network – and you will become part of the support network of all the other group members. You will find yourself loved and care for and this is incredibly powerful. Don’t expect people singing Kumbaya and holding hands, necessarily. There will be plenty of times where you are faced with the harsh reality of your decisions and how silly they were, because the others tell you about that. But this is beneficial and therapeutic, and it is done in a safe, supportive environment. Also, you will learn a lot by listening to the stories of others who are on the path to recovery. It will teach you that you are not alone and that there is hope out there for you.

Family Counseling at a Drug Rehab Center

One thing that you may or may not yet have realized is the impact your drug or alcohol misuse will have had on your family and friends. What a Mississippi drug rehab center aims to achieve is to give you the opportunity to speak about this and to have a type of intervention. You will find out just how much your family has suffered due to your behavior and how they have bore the brunt of your lifestyle choices. Although very confrontational and although it will first probably be a very angry and hostile environment, you will eventually be able to rebuild trusting, loving bonds with your family. This is incredibly important on the road to recovery, since they will hopefully be able to be part of your support network once you return to society. However, it isn’t just about you. It is also about teaching those around you about how they should deal with you. They will learn about your triggers and stresses and how to avoid them. They will learn how to support you on your road to recovery, to help you stay on the path to success. Remember that family counseling isn’t about pointing the finger of blame. Although at first it may be hard not to hear your family blame you for all of the world problems, that isn’t what this is about. That is just them venting their anger, their pain and their hurt and it will quickly stop.

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