Maine Drug Rehab Facilities Information

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Maine is in the New England region of the country, which is in the north east. It is bordered by New Hampshire and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as Canadian provinces. It is the most northern and the most eastern part of the New England. The scenery in Maine is incredibly beautiful, with its rolling mountains, its rocky coastline, beautiful waterways and forested interior. Maine is also known for its amazing seafood, particularly clams and lobsters. The area was populated by indigenous tribes for many years, which made settlement very difficult due to bloody conflicts. In fact, by the 18th century, only around six settlements were still there. It was the 23rd state to be admitted to the Union in 1820. It is one of the smallest states, as well as being one of the least populous. Maine, although idyllic, knows its fair share of problems, particularly in relation to drug and alcohol abuse. This is demonstrated by the number of Maine drug rehab centers that exist in the area. Before looking at the treatment these centers offer, it may be useful to understand the particular drug problems the state faces.

Maine Drug Statistics

Marijuana is the most abused substance in the state. It is grown locally in abundance, but it is also imported from New York, Canada and Massachusetts. It is readily available and trafficking is done mainly by Caucasian people. The main controllers of the marijuana trade in the state are motorcycle gangs. At present, they distribute between 300 and 500 pounds of marijuana each month. Maine drug rehab centers are encountering more and more people who have issues with cocaine (both crack and powdered). Crack cocaine is found mainly in the south and center of the state. Heroin poses a growing problem and Maine drug rehab facilities are seeing increasing numbers of young addicts. Heroin is used mainly in the southern part of the state, but it is now also found in the Canadian borders and coastal communities. Maine law enforcement is reporting that it is now also found in the more remote and rural parts of the state. Meth, however, is not a significant problem yet in terms of drug addicts. However, the potential for production in Maine is very big and law enforcement has started numerous task forces to ensure meth production is not set up. There is also a small increase in the number of club drugs that get used, mainly in the south of the state.

The Different Types of Maine Drug Rehab Facilities

For people who struggle with substance abuse in Maine, help is available. There are numerous different types of Maine drug rehab facilities, making it possible for people with specific needs to get help. Before choosing the right Maine drug rehab facility, however, people first need to decide whether they are looking for residential treatment or whether they can make do with outpatient facilities. With residential treatment, patients actually live in a Maine drug rehab facility for a period of time, usually for around five weeks. With an outpatient facility, patients can continue to live at home and go to work, while attending the drug rehab center on a daily basis for treatment. This type of facility is only suitable for people who do not have a significant problem yet and is usually only offered to recovering alcoholics, or those who use products that are no physically addictive, like marijuana or club drugs.

Once a patient has chosen whether they need residential or outpatient treatment, they will need to decide the type of rehabilitation center will work best for them. Most people choose general Maine drug rehab facilities, where people of all walks of life can be admitted. These are often covered by medical insurance companies. Also, if someone is court ordered to attend a drug rehab facility, this is generally the type they will be sent to. If, however, people value their privacy, a luxury Maine drug rehab facility may be more suitable. These are generally covered by private medical insurance companies, but they will require a significant financial contribution. These drug rehab facilities are more like five star luxury resorts, with a range of entertainment facilities as well as holistic treatment. There are also numerous mental health drug rehab facilities. People with mental illnesses, particularly the undiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed, have a large chance of turning to drugs. At these centers, the underlying mental health issue is treated more so than the drug issue, because solving the first usually solves the latter. Next, there are female drug rehab centers. These are particularly useful for women who have turned to both drugs and prostitution. These women are often abused and see the drug rehab facility as a refuge as much as a treatment facility. There are also Christian drug rehab facilities, where treatment is based on Christian counseling and bible studies. These facilities often include the patients in the church community, of which they remain a member after treatment has been completed. Lastly, there are drug rehab facilities geared specifically towards young people. There are not many of these around yet, because young people using drugs do not present a significant problem in Maine yet. However, the number of young people using substances is increasing and some young people Maine drug rehab facilities have now opened up. At these facilities, young people are taught how to become contributing members of society, living a life free from substances. There is also a high focus on education here, so that young people are able to either return to school after treatment, or seek employment in the outside world. These facilities play an important role in society because they allow the next generation of people not to be ruined by drug abuse.

As you can see, there are a lot of different choices to be made if seeking treatment from drug rehabilitation centers. The first step is to admit to someone in a position of care that you need help. They will then be able to recommend which type of center will work best for you.

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