Louisiana Drug Rehab Facilities Come In Many Types

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Louisiana is in the south of the country. It is neither the largest nor most populous of the states. Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana, but its largest city is New Orleans. The political subdivisions of Louisiana are parishes, being the only state that operates in this manner. The largest parish is the Cameron Parish. The geography of the state is fascinating, being mainly marshes and deltas from the Mississippi river. There is a fantastic variety of both flora and fauna to be found, including a number of carnivorous plants. Louisiana is highly multicultural as well as being multilingual in many areas. Influences come from Native American tribes, French, African and Spanish cultures. As anywhere else in the country, Louisiana knows its fair share of drug problems. The number of Louisiana drug rehab facilities demonstrates this. Before looking at the different types of drug rehab facilities, it may be useful to look at the drug statistics for the state. This will help explain the particular problems faced in Louisiana.

Louisiana Drug Statistics

Most of the drugs are trafficked into Louisiana over land. The majority of crack, meth, powdered cocaine and marijuana are imported through Columbia, Mexico and the Caribbean. The most widely used drug is cocaine. There are high rates of violent crime in the state, which is mostly caused by crack cocaine. Louisiana drug rehab facilities and law enforcement are seeing growing concerns about how much crack cocaine is abused in the state. Heroin, on the other hand, is not of any particular concern. Although used, it is only in small quantities. The only exception to this is the greater New Orleans region of the state. Meth, on the other hand, is a growing problem and is now used almost as much as marijuana. There are numerous meth labs, particularly in the more rural communities that are highly isolated. Club drugs are becoming increasingly popular in younger populations, particularly in the university crowds. The most popular club drugs are Ketamine, LSD and GHB. Marijuana is also used quite heavily among the younger population. This is due to the fact that it is readily available at a low price, but also because many believe they will not get caught. Louisiana drug rehab facilities clearly have a lot of different problems on their hands. Let’s take a look at the different specialized facilities that exist.

Young People Louisiana Drug Rehab Facilities

Certain drug rehab facilities focus specifically on younger people. Most young people do not have physical addictions to drug, but it is a known fact that using marijuana and club drugs often leads to using more addictive substances. Furthermore, even the less addictive drugs are illegal, causing significant problems for the future of younger people. As such, young people Louisiana drug rehab facilities provide a safe haven for young people to stop using the different substances. Besides this, they also offer a range of educational facilities so that they are able to reintegrate into society and receive either further education or employment.

Christian Louisiana Drug Rehab Facilities

A number of facilities work from a spiritual perspective. A Christian Louisiana drug rehab facility, therefore, offers counseling and guidance based on scripture and bible studies. It teaches people to allow God back into their lives and trust in His judgment to lead them into the future. At these facilities, the sense of community is very strong and many people become active members of the church after they have completed their stay in the drug rehab facilities.

Female Louisiana Drug Rehab Facilities

Female drug rehab facilities provide a very important service. Many women who become addicted to drugs have to fund their habit through prostitution. Many pimps actively encourage women to become addicted, thereby ensuring they essentially own the women because they owe a large debt in drugs money. These women are often frightened and are looking for a refuge as much as for a drug rehab facility. Usually, the address of these facilities is not publicly known and women are referred in through mental health, medical or voluntary organizations that are aware of the location of the drug rehab facility.

Luxury Louisiana Drug Rehab Facilities

There are also a number of luxury facilities available. Here, patients are treated as if they are in a five star luxury spa resort. A range of entertainment activities is on offer, including swimming, golf and tennis for instance. Cooking is done through a highly trained chef and the rooms are comfortable and luxurious. Besides the regular counseling treatment, luxury drug rehab facilities also offer alternative therapies, including massages and acupuncture for instance. These facilities focus on anonymity, ensuring the privacy of all patients is maintained at all times. As such, these facilities don’t generally offer group therapy.

Mental Health Louisiana Drug Rehab Facilities

Drug abuse is often a direct consequence of an undiagnosed or untreated mental health condition. People with mental illnesses, particularly schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, are at an increased risk of turning to drugs to stop the thoughts in their heads. Although these patients are treated for their drug addiction, the focus is often more on recognizing the underlying mental illness and providing treatment and support for this. It is believed that by doing so, the temptation to turn back to illegal substances is greatly removed, because their addiction is often of a more psychological nature than others.

These are some highly specialized drug rehab facilities. There are also generalized facilities that are accessible to all. Often, this is where people are ordered to go as a result of a criminal conviction as well. The way facilities operate also varies, with many being residential facilities in which patients live for between 30 and 35 days. Other facilities operate on an outpatient basis, expecting the addicts to come in daily for their therapy and treatment. Finding out which type of facility works best for you depends entirely on your specific needs and which substance you are addicted to. However, help is out there.

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