Kentucky Drug Rehab Clinics What To Know

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Kentucky is a state that sits right between the Midwest and the South of the country. It is a very natural state, with large populations of deer and elk still in the wild. It is also known as the Bluegrass State, because of the bluegrass that grows in abundance throughout. It is a largely agricultural part of the country, although it is now expanding into automotive industry and the production of green energy and renewable technology. As idyllic as Kentucky may sound, it is not without its fair share of problems. Law enforcement and Kentucky drug rehab clinics report significant issues with substance abuse. Addicts regularly check in to Kentucky drug rehab clinics, but the problem does not seem to be going away. Let’s take a look at some of the statistics on drug abuse in Kentucky, to show the particular problems the state is faced with.

Kentucky Drugs Statistics

Kentucky knows some of the highest levels of drug abuse in the entire country. It is a problem that spans generations, with people as young as 12 checking in to Kentucky drug rehab clinics. The state scored above the national average in the number of people addicted to prescription drugs, in the use of illicit drugs besides marijuana, in the number of people who are dependent on illicit drugs and on the number of deaths as a consequence of drug abuse. In 2007, the number of recorded deaths as a result of drug abuse was 722, only just below the number of people who died in car accidents and just above the number of people who died due to firearms. It is a truly widespread problem and Kentucky drug rehab clinics have a lot of work to do. The most abused substances are opiates and prescription meds. Cocaine, marijuana, heroin, stimulants and tranquilizers are also used across the state.

Methamphetamine at Kentucky Drug Rehab Clinics

Law enforcement in Kentucky has made the sale of pseudoephedrine, which is used in the production in meth, one of its primary objectives. They work closely together with Kentucky drug rehab clinics to control the use of this particular substance. When this initiative first started, it seemed to have a positive effect and meth labs went into decline. However, since 2007, the number of meth labs has once again grown, by around 138%. Kentucky drug rehab clinics report that the number of addicts seeking treatment for meth addictions is also once again on the rise. Meth is produced within the state. This is done by individuals and drug cartels who cook it in labs they have constructed themselves.

Marijuana and Prescription Drugs at Kentucky Drug Rehab Clinics

Kentucky is the fourth largest state in the country in terms of producing illegal marijuana. The geography and climate of the state lends itself perfectly for the cultivation of this plant. Prescription drugs are imported through pain clinics in the south of Florida. Kentucky drug rehab clinics see significant problems due to this. These medications should be prescribed for specific reasons by medical professionals. Instead, a process known as “diversion” takes place, where pharmacies are robbed or people fake illnesses in order to obtain prescription medication, which is then sold on in the state. The largest drug trafficking organizations in Kentucky in terms of prescription drugs come from Columbus and Detroit.

Treatment at Kentucky Drug Rehab Clinics

Now that you understand the particular problems faced by drug rehab clinics in Kentucky, what sort of treatment can you expect from them? There are different types of clinics in Kentucky, geared at specific demographics. Because drug abuse under the younger population in the state is a particular problem, there are a number of rehab clinics specifically geared at young people. Here, the focus is not just on drug rehabilitation, but also on providing children and young people with education, to help them return to the community as fully functional, productive and contributing citizens.

A common reason for drug abuse is mental health issues and a number of drug rehabilitation clinics focus specifically on mental health. Here, it is understood that the body may be physically addicted to substances, which is resolved through detox, but the actual problem is the mental illness. Hence, treatment involves identifying the underlying mental health issue and providing medication and counseling geared towards this. Often, people with Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia turn to substances to control their emotions. Providing treatment and medication to deal with this usually helps them stay away from drugs in the future.

Kentucky also knows its fair share of rich and famous people and it is a commonly known fact that these are often tempted by substances, mainly cocaine and alcohol. For these people, treatment is often necessary but it is even more important that their privacy is maintained. As such, there are a number of luxury drug rehab clinics in Kentucky. Here, patients feel as if they are in a 5 star hotel, with luxury rooms and a la carte dining in a restaurant. The surroundings are usually idyllic and the rehab clinics are far removed from urban and metropolitan areas, to give patients the time to recover in privacy.

Regardless of the type of drug rehab clinic somebody choose, treatment is almost always provided through counseling. Patients receive one to one counseling, which addresses their individual issues that led to their drug abuse. They are also offered group treatment, which is geared at putting patients in front of a mirror, confronting them with people who are or were in the same situation as them. Lastly, they are provided with family therapy. This is designed to help them rebuild the relationships they have with their families and friends, as well as helping them build a support network for once they return to the community. Once treatment has been completed, patients are encourage to continue to visit the rehab clinic for a while and many start to take part in group therapy sessions in a mentoring role, helping others who have just started on this journey.

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