Florida Drug Rehab Programs -What Can I Expect Afterwards?

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Being addicted to drugs is an absolute curse. Many understand that they have a problem and that they need constructive help. They also know that they can attend a Florida drug rehab center and get the help they need. For many, however, the bigger fear is what to expect after the program has been completed. Going back into the community, the same community that is full of triggers that used to lead you to drug use, is a very scary situation. So scary, in fact, that many feel that they are simply setting themselves up for failure. Hence, they would rather not attend a Florida drug rehab program, because they feel they will go through the pain and hardship of detoxing and counseling, only to have a relapse. However, is this warranted? There is always a chance of relapse, which is the simple truth, but a good drug rehab center will provide you with a lot of support to minimize the chances of this relapse occurring.

Ongoing Addiction Support

What you should look for when choosing a drug rehab program is the ongoing addiction support they offer. A good Florida drug rehab center will always support you not just during the period of treatment, but also after you have been released back into the community. This means that they have to have good relationships with people within your community, including religious leaders, the recovery community and various government agencies. Generally, these agencies include social services, child protective services and employment services, but also the parole board for instance. It is important they the Florida drug rehab center understand the challenges of being a recovering addict. For instance, not being able to arrange childcare or dealing with the range of different legal issues can be sufficient to send someone back into relapse. The drug rehab managers should make sure that communication between you and all the agencies you are working with is amazing. They should work together to continuously review your treatment plan, so that it is always appropriate for your needs. Unfortunately, as an addict, you will always be at risk of making a relapse. This is why as soon as you are discharged from a Florida drug rehab center, you need a care plan. This care plan is designed specifically to your needs. It should be designed to help you make sure that you recognize triggers that would normally make you turn to drugs. Very often, your care plan will be similar to your initial treatment plan. Naturally, the initial treatment plan will be far more intensive and more focused on removing the initial temptations, but the goals will remain the same. Hence, after discharge, a Florida drug rehab center should provide you with continuous support in the form of group and/or individual counseling, outpatients services, 12 step meetings, job training and so on.

Ongoing Support

Offering ongoing support is key to the success of treatment. You should choose a Florida drug rehab center based on the aftercare or continuing care programs that they offer. You need to be able to add or remove goals to your plan as and when required and the center needs to have provisions in place to help you achieve those goals. Simple things like regular drugs testing or helping your rebuild your relationships with your family in a safe and supportive environment are hugely important. Very often, these centers will ensure you have aftercare in a social manner, for instance by organizing activities with other recovering addicts. Lastly, the centers should act on your behalf, for instance when you have job interviews or legal matters to attend to. A good example is if you want to fight to have contact with your children, someone from the center should attend with you in order to explain your hard work. This is but one example, but you must remember that those who were with you during your journey are best equipped to say exactly what your challenges have been and how you have overcome them. They will be able to vouch for your strengths and weaknesses. One thing to expect, however, is that they will be fully honest and that they will not lie to help you get a job. In fact, they will tell you honestly first whether or not there is any point trying and whether there is any point in them speaking on your behalf. They can also offer you support in rebuilding social relationships, not just with your immediate family, but also with new friends and community members. It is about never feeling entirely along, always having that support network in place that you can fall back on if you ever feel like you are going to relapse. You will also be taught to recognize signs of potential relapse.

Florida Drug Rehab Center Alumni Events

The best drug rehab programs also offer alumni events. Here, you will become a mentor to other people. You can help by telling other people how hard you have worked and what sort of support you have received from the Florida drug rehab center. You will be able to be a mentor to those who are just starting on their journey towards kicking the habit. This is something that you should only participate in if you are completely ready. No Florida drug rehab program will ever force you to be a mentor, but they can help you to see how your own journey can be a inspiration to many others. Not just that, by becoming a mentor, you can become more motivate to stay on the right path yourself. After all, you need to lead by example. Try to think back to the social contacts you were given when you first attended the drug rehab program. It is likely that these people provided you with a tremendous amount of support and help and that you could not have done it without them. You can become that same person to someone else, which is a very empowering options.

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