California Drug Rehab Center – What Happens There

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Having a drug addiction is a terrible affliction. It is often best to see it as a disease and, as with any disease, it requires specialist medical treatment. This is when you need to attend a California drug rehab center. However, this is a very scary thing to do. Going to a California drug rehab firstly means that you have to admit that you have a problem. Admitting you have a problem is followed by admitting that you need help. Both of these things are incredibly hard to do. Once you are ready for it, however, you are well on the road towards recovery. But what exactly can you expect and how does the process as a whole work? It is always best to speak to different centers and discuss exactly how they work with each step of recovery. Each center will have different methods and tactics and it is up to you to decide which one works best for you and which one you feel will be most successful.

First Things First

The first thing you need to learn is that you cannot start a drug rehab program if you are still under the influence of drugs. So, a California drug rehab center will first get you to detox. There are different ways to detox. The first, generally offered by a California drug rehab center, is medical detox. Here, you will be provided with medication to counteract the withdrawal symptoms you are likely to experience. The other possibility is to go through rapid detox. Rapid detox has to be offered through a hospital, because you will be placed into a semi-coma until all the effects of the drugs have worn off. Some are against this method, because it does not allow the addict to experience how hard it is to get off the drugs. Some are also against it because placing someone in a coma is potentially dangerous. However, others are very much for it, because it allows an addict to recover from the physical addiction much quicker. The last option is to go cold turkey. This is generally offered within a California drug rehab center. Although often the quickest way to be drug free, it is incredibly hard. It puts a strain on both the body and the mind.


Once you have detoxed, it is time for the really hard work to begin. During the counseling and therapy period, you will be delving deep into your own behavior and emotions. A qualified therapist at a California drug rehab center will guide you and support you. They will help you to identify why you are addicted and what has triggered your addiction. This is also about recognizing what external factors have played a part in your disease. If at all possible, you should leave these external factors behind once you are ready to get back into society. If that is not possible, you will at least be empowered to recognize triggers and potentially leave them behind. This is the longest part of the process offered at a California drug rehab center. It is also the most important part, because this is where you will learn the most about yourself and your own behavior. Counseling often happens on an individual basis, but also as a group. For many California drug rehab centers, the group counseling part is the most important. Here, you will learn to get an insight into yourself through the behaviors of others. It is a tried and tested method, and you will also build up a support network of people who truly understand what you have gone through and how hard it is to stay on the right path.

Apologizing and Learning

Once you have had sufficient therapy to be deemed medically strong, your friends and family will have an opportunity to come and speak to you. Not all California drug rehab centers offer this type of intervention, but many believe it is very useful. Here, you will be confronted with the damage you have done to those who love you and those around you. As hard as this may sound, it is an important step on the road to recovery. By listening to what they have to say and by explaining what your feelings were, you are getting closer to rebuilding the loving and trusting relationships you once had in the past.

Getting Back into Society

The ultimate goal is, of course, to help you reenter society as a productive member. Rehabilitation is what all California drug rehab programs focus on the most. It is incredibly hard to feel ready enough to go back into the community and live a sober life. There are many pitfalls and problems that you may come across and you need to be strong enough to actually cope with those and to be able to say no. Naturally, it isn’t a case of just being thrown into the community on your own. During your time at the California drug rehab center, you will be taken on regular outings. You will, slowly but surely, be given more and more responsibility and freedom. You will get to know what your community is like from the perspective of someone who is sober. It is very important to take part in these types of field trips, because it helps you to adjust to what is, in essence, a completely new life. Once you are ready, which both you, the center and your counselors have to agree to, you will be released back into the community. The ultimate goal of any drug rehab program is to make sure that you, as an addict, are able to go back into the community and not relapse. Achieving this is done through various support networks. Many offer continuous support to ex-addicts, by giving regular counseling and therapy sessions even after they have left the center. Other centers build up a support network of other ex-addicts who have been through group counseling together for instance. Some centers offer both options, or different ones altogether.

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