Arizona Drug Rehab Clinics And The Different Types Of Detox Provided

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Kicking the habit, whichever habit that may be, is very difficult. For many, doing it themselves is not possible and they enlist the help of an Arizona drug rehab clinic. However, with any drug rehab clinic, the real work doesn’t start until the person has completely detoxed of the substances they are addicted to. There are three types of detox that an Arizona drug rehab clinic can arrange for you. The first is medical detox, the second is rapid detox and the last is going cold turkey. After you have detoxed through one of these three methods, the real work will begin. This includes a long period of counseling and support, working with individual therapists but also through group therapy. An Arizona drug rehab clinic can also help you make amends with your friends and family, who will have been highly affected by your drug use. Lastly, you will be made ready to reintegrate into society. After that, you should receive continuous support from the rehab clinic, helping you to stay clean. They can provide you with references for new jobs, training and other support. If you feel strong enough, you could even become involved in helping others who are in the situation you were once in. Let’s take a look at the three different types of detox, however, as this is the starting point of any rehab program.

Medical Detox at an Arizona Drug Rehab Clinic

Detoxing, in whichever way, is always going to be hard. Some believe that it is important for a patient to suffer somewhat during detox, so that they remember how hard it was and can use that memory to never relapse. Others believe that the physical addiction to a substance should be dealt with as easily as possible. Those who are in the middle offer medical detox. Here, patients are placed in a completely safe environment, under medical supervision. They are then provided with drugs and medicines that stop the patient from experiencing the terrible withdrawal symptoms that come with detoxing. Sometimes, medical detox only needs to take 24 hours. Other times, however, medical detox takes a long time. A good example of this is using Methadone to detox from heroin. A downside of this type of detox is that there is a chance that people become addicted to the substitute, or that they never truly completely detox. It is certainly true that there are numerous addicts that use heroin on top of their methadone prescription. However, the question is whether this is due to the medicine not working, or due to the fact that they did not receive sufficient support. A good Arizona drug rehab clinic will not send people back into the community until they are free from drugs and rehabilitated to the best of their ability. As such, it would be almost impossible to use drugs and medicines at the same time.

Rapid Detox at an Arizona Drug Rehab Clinic

As stated earlier, some believe that a drug addict should not experience withdrawal symptoms at all. This is mainly because these symptoms can be incredibly painful, to the point that some will choose not to get treatment. However, with a rapid or ultra rapid detox, practitioners stop the body from being addicted, sometimes in as little as two hours. Best of all, the patient will not feel a thing because they will be in a medically induced coma. Not every Arizona drug rehab clinic offers this treatment, mainly because it has to be fully medically supervised in a clinic that has those types of medical facilities. The patients are given a cocktail of drugs to quickly force the body into withdrawal. Research suggests that this type of detoxing is highly affective and that they have a lower chance of relapsing. However, rapid detox remains controversial. Firstly, it is a very expensive method and because it is quite new, there is little data available to use for comparisons. Also, because a patient is placed in a medically induced coma, they are at risk of a number of complications. If you are hoping to go through this type of detox, you must contact various Arizona drug rehab clinics, as it can be hard to find. The only comprehensive study that has taken place into the effects of rapid detox was in Australia in 2001. This study showed that rapid detox is the most effective type of detox. It certainly seems to be far more effective than methadone. For many, however, this type of detox is only suitable for people who are addicted to harder substances, like heroin.

Going Cold Turkey at an Arizona Drug Rehab Clinic

Going cold turkey is the most painful and most difficult way of detoxing. Any Arizona drug rehab clinic will tell you that it is painful and uncomfortable, and you must be incredibly motivated to keep it up. It is known to be the method that has the least chance of relapse, but only if people actually make it through the full detox period. Also, the physical discomfort may only take a few days, but the entire detox will take longer and someone going cold turkey should not have so much as a paracetamol during that period. It is important to be very well informed about what to expect in terms of withdrawal symptoms. If you are interested in a rehab center, it is likely that you are addicted to something stronger than nicotine. With substances like heroin and even alcohol, detoxing cold turkey can potentially dangerous. This is why it is so important to not go about this yourself. The dangers lie mainly in the possibility that you have underlying medical problems, as going cold turkey itself has never actually been lethal. Although you may be more private at home, you could be placing yourself in serious danger as well as not having any emotional support. Also, the reality is that the withdrawal symptoms are so bad, most people succumb to using drugs again if they do it home, simply to stop the symptoms.

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