All About Christian Drug Rehab Facilities

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Silhouette of a ManDrug rehabilitation facilities all exist to help people combat their inner demons that led to them abusing drugs in the first place. Christian drug rehab centers do this from a religious perspective, in which many people can find extreme solace. In essence, a Christian drug rehab center is a location where people can come to fix their broken spirit. They are supported to develop tools that they can use to live a life free of drugs and filled with purpose. They are also supported in terms of growing with Christ. It is known that Christian drug rehab centers have higher success rates than other drug rehab centers, which makes them very interesting. However, it makes sense that these centers are only appropriate to those who follow the Christian faith. The strength of faith is not relevant, so long as an addict knows that God is in their lives. Many arrive with a conviction that they are Christian and leave with the knowledge that God has set out a path for them and become active members of their Christian community, regular church goers and an integral part of the church in their own community.

Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

In order to successfully recover from an addiction, every aspect of it needs to be treated. This means the physical addiction has to be treated, as well as the emotional addiction and the spiritual addiction. By integrating the principles of the Christian faith in a Christian drug rehab facility, people are empowered to fix their mind, body and spirit. All traditional treatments are used in these centers, but they are related back to the teachings of the bible. This way, patients can once again come to terms with the will of God and they can once again find their own identity within that of Christ. Naturally, the body is healed through recognized processes of treatment, but the mind and spirit is healed mainly through teachings in the bible, powerful examples of the suffering of Christ and his disciples.

Integration of Faith & Recovery

In Christian drug rehab, there is no separation between faith and recovery. It is not just the usual drug rehab program with religion thrown in on the side. Therapy sessions are led by Christian counselors with an emphasis on Biblical principles. Scriptures are an integral part of educational groups, and time is set aside each day for prayer, church services, Bible study and other faith-based activities.

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Christian Principles Are a Natural Complement to Recovery

There are a number of fundamental teachings within Christianity. These teachings are powerlessness, honesty, service and humility. These principles are followed through during treatment and recovery from addiction. In order to be able to truly recover, it is important to search within the soul and to take part in hard work. This encourages the client to look to God and find the support and strength that they need through prayer and contemplation.

Fellowship with Other Christians

Naturally, recovery is based largely on taking part in intensive therapy. This is offered in a Christian way and often, activities are organized with other Christians who are also on a path to recovery. The living environment in a Christian drug rehab center is highly respectful, completely free from drugs and in line with the teachings of Christianity and religious principles. As such, Christian addicts can build a support network on which they can rely when they return to society. This network will keep them firmly grounded both during and after treatment and recovery.

Focus on the Family

There is a high focus on involving the family. The family holds a place of strong respect within the Christian faith. Hence, each patient in a Christian drug rehab center is encouraged to rebuild a strong relationship with their family, as well as within their extended family in the Christian community. They will learn how to humbly request support from those who can help them. Besides this, they will learn how to look after themselves as much as possible. This is offered by providing comprehensive guidance and education.

Becoming a Christian

Many people have grown up in a religious household but no longer follow the religion strictly. Others have always known God is with them, but they don’t know how the bible can be a practical guide towards a better life. In these Christian drug rehab centers, Christians are taught how they can use the bible as a true guide and how to live their lives as a true testament to Christ. God did not intend for anybody to live the life of an addict. Hence, these drug rehab centers are there to help people once again come to terms with the path God has chosen for them. God has a plan for all of us, and being able to understand that His plan has yet to unfold will fill many recovering addicts with hope for a better, brighter future.

The negative effects of addiction are far reaching. Whether it involves the abuse of drugs or alcohol, the behavior of the addicted person impacts many lives. Spouses and children, parents and siblings, and close friends are all affected.

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